Swiftable is a brand new iOS conference from Latin America, having the first edition in Buenos Aires. Taking place in "Centro Cultural de la Ciencia" with capacity for 480 attendees, the event will last two days from Nov 28th to Nov 29th.

Being a piece of the Latin American iOS ecosystem, we want to gather all the communities in one place, where people will be able to share knowledge and techniques to improve iOS craftmanship.
We're inviting developers from all around the world. We will convoke the best speakers in the field, and do our best so you want to come back next year.
We want to facilitate new connections and friends amongst our great community by providing an inclusive setting where all participants feel safe and welcome. In order to achieve that, we expect all to abide by our Code of Conduct.


We partner with communities and meetups to increase awareness and diversity among our attendees.


We have trusted in The Makers Co. to organize and plan the event in order to be able to give you the best experience.